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This website utilises a service which records information about our readers.  This information includes and is limited to:

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This information is useful to help us tailor the website's design and content to match the settings and requirements of the majority of our visitors.  This information is only made available to the Lions Club of Dursley.  We will NOT sell this information to any third party.  We will NOT give this information to any third parties except for the following reasons:

  1. Spam:  Anyone who tries to spam our website with unsolicited mail or submissions for any product or service, shall result in us passing all recorded details to their ISP (Internet Service Provider).  As they will be in breach of their terms and conditions with their ISP, they will most likely have that agreement and service terminated.
  2. Malicious Activity:  Anyone who attempts to either hack, make threats, send viruses, or otherwise try to gain information or access to informaiton to which they are not permitted, shall result in us passing all recorded details to their ISP, our Host,  and if warrented to other investigating bodies such as the Police.
Please note, that disabling 'cookies' will not prevent us from recording your IP Address.


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